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Random Movie Trivia

For the later scenes featuring an older Kane, Orson Welles sat in the makeup chair from 2:30 am to be ready for a 9:00 am start on the Citizen Kane shoot.Like Facebook, Star Wars was originally prefixed by the definite article ‘The'. Much cleaner without it.

James Woods fired his agent upon learning – after the movie was shot – that Quentin Tarantino wanted him for a part in Reservoir Dogs.

Shirley Schrift found fame and success as which actress? Shelly Winters

The voice actors of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from the 1930s got married in real life.

The cigarette smoked by Sigourney Weaver in Avatar is completely CGI.

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Random Movie Trivia

Neither Michelle Rodriguez nor Jordana Brewster had drivers' licenses or even learners' permits before production of Fast and the Furious.In Halloween, Michael Myers' mask is actually a Captain Kirk mask which was altered for the film. It was purchased for less than $2.

Among Patrick Bateman's neighbours in the novel of American Psycho is one Tom Cruise (see also #66)

Disney turned down the chance to make Back to the Future claiming the mother/son relationship was too risqué.

A different denouement for Die Hard with a Vengeance saw McClane turning the tables, so to speak, on Simon Gruber giving him a series of riddles to solve. The face off eventually ended with Gruber blowing himself away with a rocket launcher after the New York cop tricks him into thinking it's pointed the wrong way. Daft.

Michael J. Fox is only ten days younger than Lea Thompson, who plays his mother, and is almost three years older than his on-screen dad, Crispin Glover. To be fair, this is not that surprising, as most of their scenes take place in 1955.