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Random Movie Trivia

Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn failed his driving test eight times.Dan Akroyd's original script for Ghostbusters was set in a future where Ghostbusters were everyday figures of society like paramedics and firemen.

In Batman & Robin, Batman pulls out his credit card in the audition scene. Its ‘good until' date reads FOREVER.

What actor won an Oscar posthumously for Network? Peter Finch

Rather than use CGI, Tim Burton had 40 squirrels trained to crack nuts for Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

Ridley Scott cast Rutger Hauer in the role of Roy Batty without actually meeting the actor. Having been so impressed by the actor's previous works, he cast him immediately. However Hauer decided to make one hell of a first impression. At their first meeting, he turned up wearing huge green sunglasses, pink satin pants and a white sweater with an image of a fox on the front. According to production executive Katherine Haber, when Scott saw Hauer, he literally turned white.

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Random Movie Trivia

The Dark Knight made more money in its first six days in the US than Batman Begins made in its entire domestic run.The iconic body and hand in the poster for American Beauty belong to actress/model Chloe Hunter, not Mena Suvari.

The Space Jam soundtrack went sextuple platinum, and the movie grossed over $230 million.

The final cut of Terminator 2: Judgement Day ends with a make-your-own-mind-up soliloquy about fate and the future. It could have ended with Sarah Connor as an old lady sitting in a futuristic LA park showing us that everything was hunky dory. Hasta la vista nuance.

While Titanic holds the record for consecutive weeks at the top spot (15), E.T. beats it by one in total weeks at Number One.

The first notable film lensed by legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins was the 1984 adaptation of George Orwell's 1984.