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Random Movie Trivia

Those who own the DVD of Dodgeball will be aware that the happy-go-lucky finale full of lesbians and treasure may well have ended on more of a bleak note, simply cutting as Ben Stiller's White Goodman connects a ball right in Vince Vaughn's oversized face.Josh Hutcherson read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in five days to prepare for his role as Peeta.

The phrase "Oh, hi" is spoken nine times, the phrase "Don't worry about it" eight times, and "Oh, hey" seven times in The Room.

Speaking of stunts, Alan Rickman was dropped a second early to get his true reaction to falling from the Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard.

Wings of Desire, a foreign film, was remade as what starring the actor Nicolas Cage? City of Angels

Whenever Mr. Rooney and Ferris have a conversation with each other in Ferris Bueller's Day Off only one of them speaks throughout the entire conversation; the other is completely silent.

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Random Movie Trivia

Dirk Diggler's penis in Boogie Nights measured 13 inches, half an inch more than its inspiration, John Holmes. Michael Fassbender's wang has yet to be measured. Except, presumably, by Michael Fassbender.Walt Disney paid the animators on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs $5 for any gag that made it into the final version of the movie.

Paul Schrader wrote Taxi Driver in five days. It is rumoured he had a loaded gun by his desk for "inspiration and motivation".

What did Marlon Brando and George C Scott refuse? Oscars

Katherine Hepburn only drank water throughout The African Queen production as a protest against John Huston and Humphrey Bogart's alcoholism. However, most of the cast and crew became sick from the water and only Bogart and Huston were unaffected because they only drank whiskey.

Martin Scorsese's Hugo was the director's first film in twelve years not to feature Leonardo DiCaprio.